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Table 3 (A) 11q23 LOH data of NB patients (35 patients form the Molecular Oncology Unit (Lyon, France) (F-samples) and 32 patients from the Ghent University Hospital (Ghent, Belgium) (G-samples)). Based on the allelic imbalance factor (AIF) of 6 markers (4 on 11q23 and 2 on 11p) normal 11q23 status was distinguished from unbalanced 11q LOH and loss of both 11q and 11p (here indicated as whole chromosome loss) (- = no data available) and (B) 11q23 status in NB cell lines based on FISH, LOH, karyotypes, CGH and/or M-FISH

From: No evidence for involvement of SDHD in neuroblastoma pathogenesis

NB tumour case 11q23 LOH status MYCNampl 1p del stage NB tumour case 11q23 LOH status MYCNampl 1p del stage
F1 normal no no 3 G1 normal no no 4
F2 normal no no 3 G2 whole chr11 loss no no 4
F3 normal no no 3 G3 normal no no 1
F4 normal no no 4 G4 normal no no 1
F5 whole chr11 loss no no 4 G5 normal no no 2
F6 unb [11q]LOH no no 4 G6 normal - no 3
F7 normal no no 4 G7 normal - - 4
F8 normal no no 3 G8 normal no no 1
F9 normal no no 4 G9 whole chr11 loss no no 4
F10 whole chr11 loss no no 3 G10 normal no no 4
F11 normal no no 4 G11 normal no no 1
F12 normal no no 4 G12 normal no no 4
F13 normal no no 3 G13 normal no yes 1
F14 whole chr11 loss no no 3 G14 whole chr11 loss no no 3
F15 whole chr11 loss no yes 4 G15 normal no no 3
F16 normal no no 3 G16 normal - no 4
F17 unb [11q]LOH no no 4 G17 normal no no 3
F18 unb [11q]LOH no yes 4 G18 normal no yes 1
F19 normal no no 4 G19 normal no no 4S
F20 normal no no 3 G20 normal yes yes 3
F21 unb [11q]LOH no no 4 G21 unb [11q]LOH no no 3
F22 whole chr11 loss no no 3 G22 unb [11q]LOH yes yes 4
F23 normal no no 3 G23 normal no no 4
F24 normal no no 3 G24 normal yes yes 4
F25 whole chr11 loss no no 3 G25 normal no no 4
F26 unb [11q]LOH no no 4 G26 normal no yes 4
F27 whole chr11 loss no no 3 G27 normal no no 3
F28 normal no no 3 G28 normal - no 2
F29 unb [11q]LOH no no 4 G29 normal no no 3
F30 normal no yes 4 G30 normal no no 1
F31 normal no no 4 G31 normal - no 3
F32 normal no no 4 G32 normal no no 4S
F33 whole chr11 loss no no 3      
F34 normal no yes 4      
F35 unb [11q]LOH no no 4      
NB cell line 11q23 status MYCN ampl 1p del       
CHP-134 normal yes yes       
CHP-901 normal yes yes       
CHP-902R normal yes yes       
CLB-GA deletion no no       
GI-M-EN deletion no yes       
IMR-32 deletion yes yes       
LA-N-1 normal yes yes       
LA-N-2 normal yes no       
LA-N-5 normal yes yes       
LA-N-6 deletion no yes       
N206 normal yes yes       
NBL-S deletion no no       
NGP deletion yes yes       
NLF normal yes yes       
NMB normal yes yes       
SJNB-12 normal no yes       
SJNB-1 normal no yes       
SJNB-10 normal yes yes       
SJNB-6 normal yes yes       
SJNB-8 normal yes yes       
SK-N-AS deletion no yes       
SK-N-BE normal yes yes       
SK-N-FI normal no no       
SK-N-SH normal no no       
SMS-KAN normal yes yes       
SMS-KCNR normal yes yes       
STA-NB-10 normal yes yes       
STA-NB-3 normal yes yes       
STA-NB-8 normal yes yes       
TR-14 normal yes yes       
UHG-NP normal yes yes