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Figure 2

From: Inhibition of macrophage migration inhibitory factor decreases proliferation and cytokine expression in bladder cancer cells

Figure 2

Effect of treatments on HT-1376 cell proliferation. A) Dose response curve – Effect of varying concentrations of HA, anti-MIF antibody and MIF anti-sense on HT-1376 cell growth over 24 h period. Data are expressed as percentage of control for each condition. Control conditions: HA, DMEM plus 1% BSA, anti-MIF antibody; non-specific mouse IgG1 at 50 μg/ml; antisense, MIF sense RNA at 2 ng/ml. The first dose to produce a statistically significant decrease in cell proliferation is listed for each treatment (* p < 0.05; ** p <0.01) and was used as the minimal effective dose for subsequent experiments. B) Minimal effective dose – Effect of minimal effective doses of HA, anti-MIF antibody and MIF anti-sense on HT-1376 cells following 24 and 48 h treatment. All treatments resulted in a decrease cell proliferation at both time periods, with a greater effects observed after 48 hours. Data are expressed as cell number as measured by MTS assay (* – p < 0.05, ** – p < 0.01)

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