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Figure 5

From: BAK overexpression mediates p53-independent apoptosis inducing effects on human gastric cancer cells

Figure 5

Effects of BAK overexpression on activities and levels of caspase-3 in gastric cancer cells. A Western Blotting assay of caspase-3 expression in untransferred MKN-45 cells (Lane 1), pcDNA3 transferred MKN-45 cells (Lane 2), pcDNA-BAK transferred MKN-45 cells (Lane 5), untransferred MKN-28 cells (Lane 3), pcDNA3 transferred MKN-28 cells (Lane 4) and pcDNA-BAK transferred MKN-28 cells (Lane 6). The inactive caspase-3 precursor (p32) was cleaved into its active subunits, 20 k Da (p20) and 17 k Da (p17).B, Caspase-3 activities assay for MKN-45 and MKN-28 cells transferred with pcDNA3 or pcDNA-BAK for 3d.

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