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Figure 5

From: Activity and expression of progesterone metabolizing 5α-reductase, 20α-hydroxysteroid oxidoreductase and 3α(β)-hydroxysteroid oxidoreductases in tumorigenic (MCF-7, MDA-MB-231, T-47D) and nontumorigenic (MCF-10A) human breast cancer cells

Figure 5

Representative gels showing the relative expression of (a) 5αR1, (b) 5αR2, (c) 20α-HSO, (d) 3α-HSO type 2, and (e) 3α-HSO type 3 in MCF-7 (lane 2), MDA-MB-231 (lane 3), T-47D (lane 4), and MCF-10A (lane 5) cells. In each case aliquots of cDNA were amplified with gene-specific primers, run on 9% polyacrylamide gels and the bands were quantified as described under Methods. Each right panels shows computer-assisted quantification of data calculated as ratios against 18S rRNA (mean ± SEM) from 6 separate experiments. *** significantly different from MCF-7, MDA-MB-231, and T-47D cells at p < 0.001.

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