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Table 1 Tumour-stage classifications and equivalences Dukes (1932) – TNM/UICC-AJCC (1987, 1992, 1997) 1–4,14

From: Rectal cancer in Luxembourg : a national population-based data report, 1988–1998

DUKES STAGE TNM    degree of tumour extension
A I pT1 NO MO T1: submucosa
   pT2 NO MO T2: muscularis propria
B* II pT3 NO MO T3: perirectal tissue
   pT4 NO MO T4: others orangs or structures/visceral peritoneum
C* III anyT N1 MO N1: ≤ 3 regional lymph nodes
   anyT N2 MO N2: > 3 regional lymph nodes
  IV anyT anyN M1 M1: distant metastasis
  1. *Dukes B is a composite of better (T3N0M0) and worse (T4N0M0) prognostic groups, as is Dukes C (anyT N1M0 and anyT N2M0)