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Table 1 Sites of recurrent disease and screening tests for colorectal cancer.

From: Follow-up of patients with curatively resected colorectal cancer: a practice guideline

Site of Recurrence Percent of Patients with Recurrence at 5 Years by Site of Initial Tumoura Screening Tests
  Colon Rectum  
Liver 35 30 CEA, US or CT, RIS?, Sx
Lung 20 30 Chest x-ray, CEA, Sx
Peritoneal 20 20 CEA, Sx, CT, RIS?
Retroperitoneal 15 5b CEA, CT, RIS?, Sx
Peripheral Lymph Nodes 2 7b Physical exam, CEA
Other (brain, bones) <5 <5 Sx, scans
Loco-regional 15 35b CT pelvis, CEA, RIS? Sx, endoscopy? FOB?
Second or metachronous colorectal cancer 3 3 Colonoscopy, FOB?
  1. Note: ?, questionable test; CEA, carcinoembrionic antigen; CT, computerized tomography; FOB, fecal occult blood; RIS, radioimmunoscintigraphy; Sx, symptoms; US, ultrasound. a Data modified from Galandiuk et al (4). The median time to recurrence is significantly shorter for stage C versus B and for lesions that originally had perforation or adhesion/invasion of surrounding structures (p < 0.01). b Indicates significant differences (p < 0.05).