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Table 1 Methylation Status of RAR β2 5' region in cervical SCC and cervical cancer cell lines

From: Methylation and silencing of the retinoic acid receptor-β2 gene in cervical cancer

Case number or type of cells RNA expression %* Southern blot analysis MSP assay
1 5 nd M
2 19 M Nd
3 48 M M
4 22 M M
5 26,5 M M
6 18 M M
7 ** M M
8 19 nd M
9-20 95-103 U U
HeLa ** M M
SiHa ** M M
CaSki ** nd M
  1. * The expression levels of RAR β2 mRNA in carcinomas relative to morphologically normal tissues (%), determinations by Northern blot analysis; the RAR β2 mRNA levels have been normalized to GAPDH. ** Expression of RAR β2 mRNA was extremely low in tumor and morphologically normal tissue or cell lines. nd – not done