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Table 2 Variables of interest for cases and controls

From: An ongoing case–control study to evaluate the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme

Patient characteristics Primary CRA & CRC pathology variables2 Screening variables3
Patient unique ID Tumour unique ID Screening Health Authority cipher (NHAIS)
NHS number Tumour status Screening office code
Sex Tumour description Screening office reference
Case or control ICD-10 code Year of first invitation to bowel cancer screening
• C18 - Colon
• C19 - Rectosigmoid junction
• C20 - Rectum
Date of birth Dates of diagnoses (all CRAs & CRCs) For bowel/cervical/breast screening
Patient status (Alive or dead at end of study period)1 Tumour detection mode (all CRAs & CRCs) Episode number
Date of death (where applicable) Anatomical subsite (all CRAs & CRCs) Episode type
Age at death (where applicable) CRC Dukes' stage (& any subsequent restaging) Episode date
Date of index tumour diagnosis CRA villousness Screen date
Age at index tumour diagnosis Tumour size (all CRAs & CRCs) End code
Died of primary CRC (where applicable) Treatment/procedure at diagnosis (all CRAs & CRCs) Flag: NHS or Screening Programme registration by age 60
Cancer registry Any further treatment/procedure (all CRAs & CRCs)  
Geographical area (as available in NCDR) Optional: Dates of treatment (all CRAs & CRCs)  
IMD quintile (or postcode)   
  1. 1For cases and controls who died after date of index diagnosis of the case.
  2. 2Those variables will be retrieved for each neoplasia occurrence.
  3. 3All screening history.