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Table 3 HER2 and STARD3 FISH pattern and complex Chr17 rearrangements in nine breast cancer cell lines and one primary culture raised from a triple negative breast carcinoma

From: Unraveling the chromosome 17 patterns of FISH in interphase nuclei: an in-depth analysis of the HER2amplicon and chromosome 17 centromere by karyotyping, FISH and M-FISH in breast cancer cells

Cell line CEP 17 signals (green) HER2signals (red) Chr17     Complex abnormalities encompassing HER2Amplification
Cluster Individual Normal Derivatives
MCF7 4 0 2 2* der(17)t(8;17)t(1;8)  
T47D 4 0 4 2* dic(9;17)(p12;p13)*x2  
ZR-75-1 3 0 3 2* der(17)t(6;17)(p12;p11.2)*  
BT474 6 9 6 4* der(17)t(6;17)(?;p13)t(15;17)(q11.2;q25)hsr(17)(q11q12**)x2 der(X)t(X;17)(q13;q11q12)del(X)(p21)hsr(17)(q11q12**)x2
MDA-MB361 4 1 4 0 der(17)t(6;17)(?;q21)* der(8)t(8;17)(p21;q11q12)t(5;17)(?;q11q12)hsr(17)(q11q12**)
der(17)t(7;17)(?;p13)* der(8)t(8;17)(p21;q25)t(8;17)(q13;q11.2*)
SKBR3 7 16 4 0 der(17)t(8;17)(q12;?)dup(17)(?)hsr(17)(q11q12**/**/**/**/**/**) hsr(17)(q21)x2 der(X)t(X;17)(q21;q?21)hsr(17)(q11q12**)x2
der(17)t(8;17)(?;q25)dup(17)(q22q25)* der(17)t(8;17)(q12;?)dup(17)(?)hsr(17)(q11q12**/**/**/**/**/**)hsr(17)(q21)x2
der(17)t(8;13;14;17;21)(?;q?;q?;q11q12;?) hsr(17)(q11q21**/**) der(17)t(8;13;14;17;21)(?;q?;q?;q11q12;?)hsr(17)(q11q21**/**)
JIMT-1 2 2 2 0 der(17)t(8;17)(?;p13)* der(3)t(3;12)(p21;?)t(2;3)(?;q12)t(2;17)(?;q11q12)hsr(17)(q11q12**)
der(17)t(17;22)(p13;?)t(17;22)(q11.1;?) der(8)t(8;17)(q13;q11q12)t(8;17)(q11.1;q12)hsr(17)(q11q12**)
KPL4 3 2 3 2* der(6)t(6;17)(p12;q11.2*)t(8;17)(q25;?) der(1)t(1;17)(p36.3;q11q12)hsr(17)(q11q12**)
der(17)t(3;17)(q13;q11)t(6;17)(?;q11) der(9;13)t(9;17)(p24;q11q12)t(13;17)(p11.2;q11.2)hsr(17)(q11q12**)
MDA-MB231 3 0 3 3* 0 0
TNBC CASE 4 0 2 0 der(17)t(8;17)(q21;p12)*x2  
  1. *Indicates the presence of one red signal (HER2) on a normal Chr17 or on a derivative Chr17.
  2. **Indicates the presence of one red cluster (HER2) on a derivative Chr17.
  3. **/**Indicates the presence of two red clusters (HER2) on a derivative Chr17.
  4. **/**/**/**/**/**Indicates the presence of six red clusters (HER2) on a derivative Chr17.
  5. Scoring of interphase nuclei to obtain the final result on HER2 gene status performed based both on a dual-FISH and a single FISH assay (according o the new ASCO/CAP guidelines [19]) showed no differences in the final result for each of the cell lines.