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Figure 3

From: Human breast cancer and lymph node metastases express Gb3 and can be targeted by STxB-vectorized chemotherapeutic compounds

Figure 3

Gb3 expression in fine-needle aspirates of human primary breast cancers and lymph node metastases. A, B, C, F: Fine-needle aspirates from different patients. A: Tubular structure with Gb3 (red) expression within the cytokeratin expressing epithelial cells (green); B: isolated cytokeratin expressing epithelial cells (green) with no Gb3 expression; C: low number of Gb3 (red) expressing individualized epithelial cells (green); F: Gb3 (red) expression in cells with endothelial morphology forming a capillary-like structure (center). D, E: Gb3 expression (red) in lobular structures of a primary tumor (D), and in tubular formations in lymph node metastases of the same patient (E). Note similar morphological appearance, i.e. cohesive, polygonal cells forming lobular structures in both specimens. Bars: 20 μm.

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