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Figure 2

From: Human breast cancer and lymph node metastases express Gb3 and can be targeted by STxB-vectorized chemotherapeutic compounds

Figure 2

Gb3 expression in primary breast tumors and lymph node metastases. A: Estrogen receptor and Gb3 expression in primary breast tumors. Note: Gb3 positivity (Gb3 + group) is correlated with estrogen receptor expression. **: p ≤ 0.01, ER: estrogen receptor. B: Presence of axillary lymph node metastases in patients with and without Gb3 expression in primary breast cancer. Note a higher number of patients with lymph node metastases in the Gb3 negative group. *: p ≤ 0.03, LN: lymph node. C: Relative numbers of Gb3 expressing cells. D: Change in Gb3 expression between primary and metastatic tumors. Note: 40% of patients showed relative increase, whereas 50% had no change, and 10% lost Gb3 expression in the lymph node metastases compared to the primary tumor.

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