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Table 2 Copy number gains of TNK2 and DDR1 among 112 primary ECs

From: Mutational analysis of the tyrosine kinome in serous and clear cell endometrial cancer uncovers rare somatic mutations in TNK2 and DDR1

Gene Tumor ID Histology Fold Increase in somatic copy number p-value§
TNK2 T25 Serous 3.911 0.0000426
  T50 Serous 3.416 0.0018339
  T66 Serous 5.065 0.0185581
  T83 Serous 5.968 0.0171938
  T105 Endometrioid (G2) 3.374 0.0006604
DDR1 T23 Serous 3.019 0.0005727
  1. §2-tailed Student t-test.
  2. G: Grade.