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Table 1 Characteristics of patients with HNSCC

From: Hypoxia, blood flow and metabolism in squamous-cell carcinoma of the head and neck: correlations between multiple immunohistochemical parameters and PET

Patient no. Tumor site TNM at diagnosis Tumor stage Differentiation Type and doses of RT (Gy) Survival in months
1 supraglottic larynx T1N0M0 I well definitive/68.7 28*
2 supraglottic larynx T2N0M0 II moderate definitive/70.0 52*
3 oral cavity T3N2M0 IV poor preoperative/63.4 4*
4 oral cavity T4N1M0 IV moderate preoperative/62.3 10*
5 hypopharynx T1N3M0 IV poor preoperative/62.3 32*
6 oral cavity T4N2M0 IV moderate preoperative/63.0 17*
7 glottic larynx T2N0M0 II moderate definitive/70.0 64
8 hypopharynx T4N1M0 IV poor preoperative/44.0 7*
9 oropharynx T3N2M0 IV moderate preoperative/60.0 12*
10 oral cavity T2N0M0 II well preoperative/64.6 63
11 nasopharynx T3N0M0 III poor preoperative/63.6 70
12 nasopharynx T3N2M0 III poor definitive/68.4 59
13 oropharynx T1N2M0 IV moderate preoperative/62.4 59
14 oropharynx T4N2M0 IV moderate preoperative/61.5 6*
15 oral cavity T2N0M0 II poor preoperative/64.0 58
  1. *Patients are no longer alive.
  2. RT = radiotherapy.