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Table 4 Clinical features of EML4-ALK positive carcinomas in Chinese male never-smokers with NSCLC

From: Non-small cell lung cancer with EML4-ALKtranslocation in Chinese male never-smokers is characterized with early-onset

Patients Histology Differentiation Variant Size EML4 ALK
F25 adenocarcinoma poor V2 177 bp E20 A20
F78 adenocarcinoma poor V5a 155 bp E2 A20
F133 adenocarcinoma poor* V2 177 bp E20 A20
F237 adenocarcinoma poor* V1 185 bp E13 A20
B256 adenocarcinoma moderate V4a 162 bp E15 A20
B287 squamous moderate V2 177 bp E20 A20
B375 squamous moderate V5a 155 bp E2 A20
F72 adenocarcinoma well V3a 162 bp E6 A20
  1. *carcinomas with cribriform patterns.