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Table 1 Themes of the modules within the My Road Ahead intervention

From: My Road Ahead study protocol: a randomised controlled trial of an online psychological intervention for men following treatment for localised prostate cancer

Module Themes
1. Prostate cancer and you • Psycho-education about common emotional responses to prostate cancer
• Normalisation through other men’s stories
• Interactive reflective exercises aimed at encouraging self-reflection and acknowledgement of emotional responses
2. Effective communication • Common communication challenges in context of prostate cancer
• Strategies to improve general and relationship communication
• Communication enhancement exercises to complete with partner or alone
3. Physical changes • Common physical changes following treatment for localised prostate cancer
• Exercises to overcome anxiety and avoidance in relation to incontinence
• Introduction to relaxation strategies
4. Sexuality and masculinity • Education and exercises targeting negative cognitions surrounding cancer and erectile dysfunction (ED)
• Skills training in general and sexual communication
• Education and exercises addressing masculinity and identity issues
5. Sexuality and intimacy • Sexual problems and cancer
• The impact of ED and cancer on the relationship
• Education and exercises designed to broaden definitions of sexuality and sexual behaviour to enhance sexual intimacy
• Education about the use of medical aids for ED
6. Planning for the future • Education and exercises related to fear and uncertainty about the future
• Planning for the future
• Encouragement of continued use of the skills developed from the intervention