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Table 1 Quantification of PLVAP mRNA in HCC vascular endothelial cells, HCC tumor cells and adjacent non-tumorous liver tissue using laser-capture microdissection and Taqman real time quantitative RT-PCR

From: Plasmalemmal Vesicle Associated Protein (PLVAP) as a therapeutic target for treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma

  Quantity of PLVAP mRNA relative to HCC endothelial cells
HCC Sample HCC vascular endothelial cells HCC tumor cells Adjacent non-tumorous hepatocytes and sinusoid
I 100% 0.2% 0%
II 100% 0.60% 0.1%
  1. The tracings of Taqman real time quantitative RT-PCR are shown in Additional file 1: Figure S1.
  2. Two randomly selected HCC samples were studied.