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Figure 5

From: Plasmalemmal Vesicle Associated Protein (PLVAP) as a therapeutic target for treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma

Figure 5

Tumor growth after infusing MECA32-Fab-TF or control MECA32 mAb into a tumor feeding artery. The results of two different studies were shown here. In study A, tumor bearing mice were treated with 5 or 10 μg MECA32-Fab-TF or 10 μg MECA32 mAb. All mice were euthanized 24 days after treatment. The growth rates between the treatment groups and the control group were compared using a linear mixed-effects model. Significant differences in tumor growth between controls and 5 μg or 10 μg treatment groups were noted (p = 0.003 and 0.001). In study B, tumor bearing mice were treated with 10 μg MECA32-Fab-TF (n = 4) or control MECA32 mAb (n = 2). Mice were sacrificed when tumors grew large enough to interfere with movement and food intake. The average numbers of days required to reach a tumor size of 1600 mm3 for control and treatment groups were 9.8 and 51.8 days, respectively. Different rates of tumor growth were noted between experiments and between mice within the same experiments. Therefore, effort was made to match tumor sizes between control and treatment groups in each study.

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