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Figure 2

From: Plasmalemmal Vesicle Associated Protein (PLVAP) as a therapeutic target for treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma

Figure 2

Blood supply and tumor growth in Hep3B tumor xenografts after intra-arterial infusion of 20 μg MECA32 mAb chemically conjugated with human tissue factor (MECA32-TF) into a tumor feeding femoral artery. Control mice were infused with 20 μg MECA32 mAB. A: Power Doppler was performed 48 hours before and after the treatment. Red signals in tumors represent blood flow, which were significantly diminished in mice after treating with MECA32-TF (white arrow) but not in those treated with control MECA32 mAb. B: Tumor growth before and after treatment. Solid circles (•) are control mice and crosses (x) are mice treated with MECA32-TF. †: Death.

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