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Table 4 Top 20 significantly significant GeneGo pathway maps that are differentially expressed amongst all three breast cancer cell lines relative to the mammary epithelial line in the H’ vs H comparison

From: A genomics approach to identify susceptibilities of breast cancer cells to “fever-range” hyperthermia

GeneGo Pathway p-Value
Mitosis 8.15e-44
Cell division 3.02e-35
Cell cycle 5.37e-23
Mitotic sister chromatid segregation 1.31e-22
Mitotic spindle organization 4.87e-20
Protein localization to kinetochore 1.54e-19
Chromosome segregation 4.85e-16
Establishment of mitotic spindle orientation 7.53e-16
Mitotic cell cycle 9.66e-16
Homologous chromosome segregation 3.30e-13
Mitotic cell cycle checkpoint 5.99e-12
Anaphase promoting complex-dependent degradation 2.27e-10
Mitotic cell cycle spindle assembly checkpoint 2.03e-09
Spindle assembly involved in mitosis 4.44e-09
Mitotic anaphase 6.97e-09
Microtubule-based movement 3.57e-08
Spindle organization 4.83e-08
Mitotic centrosome separation 7.75e-08
Spindle assembly 1.92e-07