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Table 3 Definition of risk and required surveillance in survivors at HIGH risk of a late effect

From: The Initiative to Maximize Progress in Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Therapy (IMPACT) Cohort Study: a population-based cohort of young Canadians with cancer

  Breast cancer Colorectal cancer Cardiomyopathy
Definition of high risk group Female, ≥20 Gy radiation therapy to the chest ≥30 Gy radiation therapy to the abdomen, pelvis or spine Anthracycline +/− chest radiation
Children’s Oncology Group recommended surveillance for survivors at high risk Annual mammogram/MRI beginning 8 years after radiation or age 25 years, whichever occurs last Colonoscopy every 5 years beginning at age 35 years Echocardiogram or MUGA
    Annually if anthracycline ≥300 mg/m2
    q 2 years if anthracycline 200–300 mg/m2 OR anthracycline <300 mg/m2 + radiation q 5 years if anthracycline <200 mg/m2, no radiation