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Table 2 Selection of data elements contained in POGONIS and being collected via chart abstraction for AYA treated at adults centres

From: The Initiative to Maximize Progress in Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Therapy (IMPACT) Cohort Study: a population-based cohort of young Canadians with cancer

Type Elements
Demographic Age at diagnosis
Treatment plan Initiation/completion dates
  Protocol names
  Clinical trial enrollment
Diagnosis Method of diagnosis
  Primary site, laterality
  Stage, staging system
  Extent/size of primary tumour
  Regional lymph node involvement
  Metastases at diagnosis
  Histology, tumour grade
  Molecular markers
Chemotherapy Plan name
  Chemotherapeutic/biologic agents
  Cumulative doses (mg/m2) - selected agents (e.g. anthracyclines, alkylators)
  Dose Units
  Dose Route
Radiation therapy Intent (curative vs. palliative)
  Start/stop dates
  Radiation site
  Boost site
  Fraction number
  Radiation type/technique
Surgery Date
  Indication/procedure name
  Margins at resection
  Completeness of resection
Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation Allogeneic vs. autologous
  Source of cells (marrow, peripheral blood stem cells, cord)
Outcomes Relapse (date, sites)
  Progression (date)
  Second malignant neoplasms (date/site)
  Death/last follow up (date, location, cause of death)