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Table 2 AJCC pathological staging system for CM (3)

From: Adjuvant therapy with high dose vitamin D following primary treatment of melanoma at high risk of recurrence: a placebo controlled randomised phase II trial (ANZMTG 02.09 Mel-D)

Stage Primary tumour thickness and ulceration Lymph node status Distant metastasis
Stage 0 Tis N0 M0
Stage IA T1a N0 M0
Stage IB T1b N0 M0
  T2a N0 M0
Stage IIA T2b N0 M0
  T3a N0 M0
Stage IIB T3b N0 M0
  T4a N0 M0
Stage IIC T4b N0 M0
Stage IIIA T1-4a N1a M0
  T1-4a N2a M0
Stage IIIB T1-4b N1a M0
  T1-4b N2a M0
  T1-4a N1b M0
  T1-4a N2b M0
  T1-4a N2c M0
Stage IIIC T1-4b N1b M0
  T1-4b N2b M0
  T1-4b N2c M0
  Any T N3 M0
Stage IV Any T Any N M1a
  Any T Any N M1b
  Any T Any N M1c