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Table 1 TNM classification for CM (3)

From: Adjuvant therapy with high dose vitamin D following primary treatment of melanoma at high risk of recurrence: a placebo controlled randomised phase II trial (ANZMTG 02.09 Mel-D)

Classification Thickness (mm)   Ulceration status/Mitoses
Tis N/A a N/A
T1 Without ulceration and mitosis <1/mm2
   b With ulceration or mitosis ≥1/mm2
T2 1.01-2.00 a Without ulceration
   b With ulceration
T3 2.01-4.00 a Without ulceration
   b With ulceration
T4 >4.00 a Without ulceration
   b With ulceration
N No. metastatic nodes   Nodal metastatic burden
N0 0 a N/A
N1 1 node involved   Micrometastases*
  1 node involved b Macrometastases†
N2 2-3 nodes involved a Micrometastases
  2-3 nodes involved b Macrometastases
   c Intransit metastases/ satellites without metastatic nodes
N3 4+ metastatic nodes or matted nodes or intransit metastases/satellites with metastatic nodes   
M Site   Serum LDH
M0 No distant metastases   N/A
M1a Distant skin, subcutaneous or nodal metastases   Normal
M1b Lung metastases   Normal
M1c All other visceral metastases   Normal
Any distant metastasis   Elevated
  1. *Micrometastases are diagnosed after sentinel lymph node biopsy.
  2. †Macrometastases are defined as clinically detectable nodal metastases confirmed pathologically.