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Table 2 Top 10 miRNAs significantly associated with lung adenocarcinoma patient survival in CS, FS, and NS

From: Smoking status impacts microRNA mediated prognosis and lung adenocarcinoma biology

miRNA CS p-value Status in tumors miRNA FS p-value Status in tumors miRNA NS p-value Status in tumors
hsa-mir-1287 0.0022 OE in ALL hsa-mir-133a 0.0001 UE in ALL hsa-mir-338 0.0006 UE in ALL
hsa-mir-138 0.0086 UE in CST hsa-mir-429 0.0002 OE in ALL hsa-let-7 g 0.0036 OE in ALL
hsa-mir-326 0.0131 OE in FST and NST hsa-mir-642a 0.0005 OE in ALL hsa-mir-184 0.0103 UE in CST and FST
hsa-mir-331 0.0146 OE in ALL hsa-mir-153 0.0006 OE in ALL hsa-mir-150 0.0143 OE in NST
hsa-mir-30d 0.0282 UE in ALL hsa-mir-187 0.0010 OE in ALL hsa-mir-139 0.0200 UE in ALL
hsa-mir-204 0.0291 UE in ALL hsa-mir-21 0.0013 OE in ALL hsa-mir-133b 0.0304 UE in ALL
hsa-mir-664 0.0331 OE in FST and NST hsa-mir-26b 0.0018 OE in ALL hsa-mir-664 0.0307 OE in FST and NST
hsa-mir-148a 0.0429 OE in ALL hsa-mir-135b 0.0021 OE in ALL hsa-mir-598 0.0326 UE in ALL
hsa-mir-195 0.0436 UE in CST hsa-mir-3607 0.0022 OE in ALL hsa-mir-10a 0.0342 UE in CST and FST
hsa-mir-1270 0.0462 OE in ALL hsa-mir-99b 0.0027 OE in CST and FST hsa-mir-92b 0.0351 OE in ALL
  1. OE = overexpression; UE = underexpression.