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Figure 3

From: Embelin inhibits TNF-α converting enzyme and cancer cell metastasis: molecular dynamics and experimental evidence

Figure 3

Effects of embelin on TACE expression and activities. (A) Expression of TACE in control and embelin (15 μM)-treated MCF7 cells as detected by western blotting. Actin was used as an internal control. (B) Immunostaining of TACE in control and embelin-treated MCF-7 cells. (C) TACE activity in control and embelin-treated cells; TACE inhibitor, TAPI-0 (10 μM), was used as a control. (D) TNF-α expression in control and embelin-treated cells. (E) RT-PCR analysis of TACE-effectors showing no change in TNF-α, TGF-α and ARFG (upper panel); Akt, Erk-2 and ULBP-2 showed increase, and CD163 showed decrease in embelin-treated cells.

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