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Table 3 Clinical outcomes of CRC patients with MTB or MK infection

From: Comparison of the clinical courses and chemotherapy outcomes in metastatic colorectal cancer patients with and without active Mycobacterium tuberculosis or Mycobacterium kansasiiinfection: a retrospective study

Patient Diagnosis method for MTB or MK infection Treatment of MTB or MK Time from the beginning of MTB or MK therapy until the start of first-line chemotherapy (days) MTB or MK treatment success
A CT imaging 6HRE/6HR 16 Completion
B Sputum TB-PCR (+), MTB culture (+) 2HREZ/7HR 104 Cure
C Sputum smear (+), MTB culture (+) 24HE 408 Cure
D Sputum smear (+), MK culture (+) 18HRE 56 Cure
E Sputum smear (-), MTB culture (+) 9HRE 25 Cure
F Sputum smear (-), Sputum TB-PCR (+), MTB culture (+) 6HRE/6HR 19 Cure
G Sputum smear (+), MTB culture (+) 12RE 53 Cure
Patient First-line chemotherapy Regimen Best response Side effects (grade ≥ 3) due to cancer chemotherapy or MTB or MK treatment
B FOLFOX6 + Cmab CR -
C FOLFOX6 PD Liver dysfunction due to MTB treatment
D FOLFOX6 + Pmab PD -
E FOLFOX6 + Bmab SD Hemoptysis due to Bmab
  1. MTB: Mycobacterium tuberculosis, MK: Mycobacterium kansasii, CT: computed tomography, TB-PCR: tuberculosis polymerase chain reaction.
  2. H: isoniazid, R: rifampicin, E: ethambutol, Z: pyrazinamide.
  3. nHREZ: n months of H, R, E and Z combination.
  4. CR: complete response, PR: partial response, SD: stable disease, PD: progression disease.
  5. FOLFOX: folinic acid, fluorouracil, oxaliplatin, Bmab: bevacizumab, FOLFIRI: folinic acid, fluorouracil, irinotecan, Pmab: panitumumab, Cmab: cetuximab, XELOX: capecitabine plus oxaliplatin, UFT/LV: uracil/tegafur/leucovorin.