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Table 1 Results of mutation analysis

From: Chemically induced mouse liver tumors are resistant to treatment with atorvastatin

Mutation/AA exchange No. of tumors
Ha-ras Cod. 61 Q ➔ R 7
Ha-ras Cod. 61 Q ➔ L 1
Ha-ras Cod. 61 Q ➔ K 4
Ha-ras Cod. 61 Q ➔ H 0
B-raf Cod. 637 V ➔ E 8
None detected 6
  1. In total, 26 tumors were analyzed for mutations in Ha-ras or B-raf.
  2. Note: The absence of Ha-ras or B-raf mutations in a tumor does not preclude activation of MAPK signaling in this tumor driven by other genetic alterations.