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Table 2 Androgen levels in blood and prostate tissue of patients with prostate cancer (n = 196)

From: High testosterone levels in prostate tissue obtained by needle biopsy correlate with poor-prognosis factors in prostate cancer patients

T (blood), pg/mL (median, 95% CI) 3551.0 (3499.8–3902.2)
DHT (blood), pg/mL (median, 95% CI) 330.5 (333.2–382.3)
T (tissue), pg/mg (median, 95% CI) 0.5667 (0.9401–1.3820)
DHT (tissue), pg/mg (median, 95% CI) 7.0625 (8.7513–11.6266)
  1. T: Testosterone; CI: Confidence interval; DHT: Dihydrotestosterone.