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Table 2 Signaling pathways and associated proteins

From: Proteomic study reveals a functional network of cancer markers in the G1-Stage of the breast cancer cell cycle

Pathway Representative proteins
MAPK: Proliferation, differentiation, migration HRAS/RASH, HSP71, HSP7C, HS71L, NF-kappa-β or TF65/RELA, GNAS, PAK1, RAC1, SHC1, MAPK14, GRB2, CRK
ErbB: Proliferation, differentiation, survival, angiogenesis and adhesion/motility/migration/invasion SHC1, PAK1, GRB2, CRK, HRAS
Cell cycle: Proliferation SMAD2, SHC1, 1433s/SFNC/stratifin, HDAC1/2, CREBBP, CUL1, CDC2
DNA damage repair: Maintenance of genome integrity PARP1, TP53BP, PCNA, PRKDC, DDB2, CREBBP (Table 1)
Apoptosis: Cell death BCLF1, BAX, TF65, IASPP
p53: Cell cycle arrest, apoptosis, senescence, inhibition of angiogenesis/metastasis, inhibition of IGF-1/mTOR pathway BAX, RIR2B, DDB2, CDC2, 1433s
TGF-β: proliferation, apoptosis, differentiation, migration SMAD2, CREBBP, CUL1, RHOA
NF-kappa-B: Regulation of genes involved in immunity, inflammation, cell survival NF-kappa-β/TF65/RELA
Wnt: Cell division, development, adhesion CTNB1, SMAD2, CTBP2, CREBBP, CUL1, RAC1
Jak/STAT: Growth, proliferation, development, cell fate, immunity, cell cycle, apoptosis STAT 3, PTN11, STAT1, GRB2, CREBBP
Toll-like: Innate immune responses to pathogenic bacteria TLR2, IRF3, TF65, MAPK14, STAT1, RAC1
Notch: Proliferative signaling, angiogenesis HDAC1, CTBP1/2, CREBBP
VEGF: Angiogenesis MAPK14, SHC1, RAC1, HRAS
Adhesion/integrin signaling: Cell migration, tissue invasion CTNB1, PAK1, GRB2, CRK, HRAS, RAC1, PP1A/B, CDC2, RHOA, ILK, MUC1, PTN11
Ca signaling: Proliferation, apoptosis, metabolism AT2A2, GNAS1
Insulin signaling: Maintenance of energy metabolism/homeostasis Q96RG5, TFR1, PTN11, COA1, SHC1, GRB2, CRK, PP1A/B
Chemokine: Immune response, cell growth, differentiation, survival, migration, apoptosis, regulation of cytoskeleton STAT3, PAK1, TF65, SHC1, GRB2, CRK, STAT1, RHOA, RAC1, HRAS
PPAR signaling: Lipid metabolism, adipocyte differentiation PPARG, ILK
Fatty acid biosynthesis COA1