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Table 1 Growth properties of primary cell cultures

From: Characterization and drug sensitivity profiling of primary malignant mesothelioma cells from pleural effusions

Primary cell isolate Culture identity Growth property
MMi3 MMi3 Primary cell culture
  MMi4 Grown for eighteen passages
MMi6 MMi6 Primary cell culture
  MMi7 Grown for seven passages
MMi17 MMi17 Adhered disassociated cells
  MMi18 Papillary groups
MMi8 MMi8 Primary cell culture
  MMi9 Seeded the following day
MMi15 MMi15 Papillary groups
  MMi16 Adhered disassociated cells
  1. Primary cells were cultured for several passages, divided into adherent cells and papillary groups or seeded on the following day. MMi6 and MMi17 are two effusions from the same patient.