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Table 2 Characteristics patients experiencing treatment failure after CRT

From: Lymph node enlargement after definitive chemoradiotherapy for clinical stage I esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

No. Tumor location Response Time to failure Survival Recurrent location Treatment after failure
1 Lt CR 41 Deceased LN Chemotherapy
2 Mt CR 30 Deceased LN Surgery
3 Lt CR 30 Survive Local ESD
4 Mt CR 28 Deceased LN Chemotherapy
5 Lt CR 20 Survive LN Surgery
6 Mt CR 20 Survive LN Surgery
7 Mt CR 10 Deceased LN Chemotherapy
8 Mt CR 8 Survive Local ESD
9 Ut CR 8 Deceased LN Surgery
10 Mt No CR 8 Deceased Liver Chemotherapy
11 Mt No CR 5 Survive LN Surgery
12 Mt No CR 4 Survive Local Surgery
13 Mt No CR 4 Survive Local Surgery
14 Mt No CR 4 Deceased LN Surgery
15 Mt No CR 3 Unknown Lung Chemotherapy
  1. UT, upper thoracic; MT, middle thoracic; LT, lower thoracic; LN, lymph node; ESD, endoscopic submucosal dissection.