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Figure 3

From: Inhibition of long non-coding RNA NEAT1 impairs myeloid differentiation in acute promyelocytic leukemia cells

Figure 3

Knocking down NEAT1 impairs neutrophil differentiation in APL cells. (A) 48 hrs after transfection, the knockdown efficiency was confirmed by qRT-PCR. (B) CEBPB mRNA levels were measured by qRT–PCR and are given as n-fold changes compared with untreated cells and normalized to the housekeeping gene ACTB. (C) Flow cytometry analysis of ITGAM/CD11b surface expression of control and si-NEAT1 cells upon 48 h of ATRA-treatment (1 μM). CD11b expression was measured by flow cytometry and values were normalized to untreated control cells. Data are shown as the mean ± SD of three separate experiments.

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