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Figure 2

From: Paraneoplastic brainstem encephalitis in a patient with exceptionally long course of a metastasized neuroendocrine rectum neoplasm

Figure 2

Validation of Ri-antibodies via IIFT and immunoblot assay. Characteristic granular fluorescence staining of all neurone nuclei of the grey matter of primate cerebellum (upper left). (SM = stratum moleculare; SG = stratum granulosum; PZ = Purkinje cells). Peripheral neurons of the plexus myentericus (PM) revealed no binding of Ri-antibodies (upper right). High positive reaction with the recombinant Ri-antigen (Nova1) in Lineblot (lower panel) confirmed the IIFT result. No reactivity was observed for anti-Hu, anti-Yo, anti-Ma2/Ta, anti-CV2 and anti-amphiphysin.

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