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Figure 5

From: Integrated genomic study of quadruple-WT GIST (KIT/PDGFRA/SDH/RAS pathway wild-type GIST)

Figure 5

Quantitative PCR estimation of ERG , NTRK2 , CALCRL and COL22A1 expression in GIST. Relative expression of ERG (upper left panel), NTRK2 (upper right panel), CALCRL (lower left panel) and COL22A1 (lower right panel) mRNA in the two KIT WT/PDGFRA WT/SDH WT/RAS-P WT GIST in respect to the others molecular subgroups (4 SDHx mut, 19 KIT mut and 10 PDGFRA mut GIST). Significance was estimated by the Student T-test: *p-value < 0.05; **p-value < 0.01; ***p-value < 0.001.

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