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Table 3 Specific mutations and clinic-pathologic features samples where mutations were detected (n = 20)

From: Tongue carcinoma infrequently harbor common actionable genetic alterations

Sample Gene Mutation TNM Overall stage Age/sex Smoking status Adjuvant treatment Outcome Time to recurrence (Months)
Tumors with a single mutation
2000294 MET N375S TxN2bM1 4 53/M Ever Yes Recurrence 7
20021078 STK11 F354L T4aN1M0 4 79/M Ever Yes No Recurrence N.A.
21789206 PIK3CA E542K T4aN0M0 4 54/M Ever Yes Recurrence 33
22873606 TP53 R175H T4aN0M0 4 75/M Ever No Unknown N.A.
27197906 PIK3CA H1047R T4aN0M0 4 56/M Ever Yes Unknown N.A.
NPC7* MET N375S T4N2bM0 4 22/F Ever Yes Recurrence 6
TM24* TP53 R282W T2N2bM0 4 60/M Ever Yes Recurrence 15
TM47* MET N375S T4aN2cM0 4 76/M Ever Yes Recurrence 6
93488640 NRF2 G31A T2N1M0 3 61/M Never Yes Recurrence 31
51236487 TP53 R273P T2N0M0 2 60/M Never Yes Unknown N.A.
84033237 TP53 R273C T4aN2bM0 4 56/M Never No Recurrence 24
980003 STK11 F354L T2N0M0 2 39/M Never No Unknown N.A.
YT3** MET N375S T3N0M0 3 52/F Never No Unknown N.A.
YT4 BRAF D594G T1N0M0 1 42/F Never No No Recurrence N.A.
990386 TP53 R175H T4aN0M0 4 63/M Unknown Unknown No Recurrence N.A.
2000665 MET N375S T4aN2bM0 4 53/F Unknown Yes No Recurrence N.A.
Tumors with two separate mutations
980398 MET N375S T2N1M0 3 61/M Never No No Recurrence N.A.
TP53 G245S
1784450 MET N375S T4aN2cM0 4 66/M Ever No Recurrence 5
STK11 F354L
20020797 STK11 F354L T4aN2cM0 4 69/M Ever Yes No Recurrence N.A.
TP53 Y163C
TM44*** PIK3CA H1047L T2N2bM0 4 62/M Ever Yes No Recurrence N.A.
STK11 F354L
  1. *Successfully propagated as cell line.
  2. **Refused conventional treatment and lost to follow-up.
  3. ***Successfully propagated as cell line, patient had a 30-day mortality after primary surgery.