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Table 1 Histological grading points of different subtypes of gastric carcinoma

From: Histopathology-based prognostic score is independent prognostic factor of gastric carcinoma

Gastric carcinoma Score
Papillary carcinoma 1
Tubular carcinoma  
  Well-differentiated 1
  Medium-differentiated 2
  Poorly-differentiated 3
Mucinous gastric carcinoma 3
signet-ring cell 4
Undifferentiated gastric carcinoma 5
Special type gastric carcinoma 4
  Adeno-squamous carcinoma  
  Squamous cell carcinoma  
  Sarcomatoid type gastric cancer  
  Liver adenocarcinoma  
  Micro papillary carcinoma  
  Neuroendocrine carcinoma  
  Eosinophilic cell carcinoma