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Table 3 Multivariate analysis of prognostic factors for NPC patients

From: A new T classification based on masticator space involvement in nasopharyngeal carcinoma: a study of 742 cases with magnetic resonance imaging

Endpoint and Variable Factors Pvalue Odds ratio*
Death Gender (female VS. male) 0.042 0.629(0.402,0.984)
  Age (≤46 y VS >46 y) <0.0001 1.837(1.313,2.570)
  MSI (with VS. without) <0.002 1.770(1.234,2.539)
  N classification (N0-1 VS N2-3) <0.0001 2.035(1.428,2.901)
Local regional failure Gender (female VS. male) 0.052 0.455(0.206,1.006)
Distant failure MSI (with VS. without) 0.027 1.658(1.058,2.596)
  N classification (N0-1 VS N2-3) <0.0001 2.828(1.849,4.326)
Disease failure N classification (N0-1 VS N2-3) <0.001 2.094(1.460,3.002)
  1. *Data in parentheses are 95% confidence intervals.