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Figure 4

From: Prognostic prediction of glioblastoma by quantitative assessment of the methylation status of the entire MGMT promoter region

Figure 4

Survival analysis of the training set by M-score and MSP. In each panel, the red line indicates either a good prognosis (M-score) or the methylated (MSP) group. The black line indicates either a poor prognosis (M-score) or the unmethylated (MSP) group. (A) training set, M-score, OS. (B) training set, M-score, PFS. (C) training set, MSP, OS. (D) training set, MSP, PFS. (E) test set, M-score, OS. (F) test set, M-score, PFS. (G) test set, MSP, OS. (H) test set, MSP, PFS.

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