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Figure 4

From: Canonical Notch signalling is inactive in urothelial carcinoma

Figure 4

Expression of Notch pathway components in urothelial cells. Relative mRNA expression in 8 normal urothelial cell cultures (x) and 16 urothelial cancer cell lines, subdivided in 7 papillary UC (♦) 9 invasive UC (■) as well as 3 non-UC bladder cancer cell lines (▲), was measured by qPCR for the Notch receptors (A) NOTCH1, (B) NOTCH2, for the canonical ligands (C) DLL1, (D) JAG1, (E) JAG2, the nuclear factors (F) CBF1, (G) SKIP, (H) MAML1, (I) KDM5A as well as the potential Notch target genes (J) HES1, (K) HES5 and (L) HEY1.

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