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Figure 1

From: Canonical Notch signalling is inactive in urothelial carcinoma

Figure 1

Expression of Notch pathway components in bladder tissues. Relative mRNA expression of Notch pathway components in 11 benign and 30 tumour bladder tissue samples was measured by qPCR for the Notch receptors (A) NOTCH1, (B) NOTCH2, for the canonical ligands (C) DLL1, (D) JAG1, (E) JAG2, nuclear factors (F) CBF1, (G) SKIP, (H) MAML1, (I) KDM5A as well as the potential Notch target genes (J) HES1, (K) HES5 and (L) HEY1. Data are represented as box plots. Statistical comparisons between benign and tumour bladder tissue expression were made by the Mann–Whitney U Test using SPSS version 21.

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