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Table 1 Clinical Characteristics of 69 cases of Sinonasal malignant malenoma

From: Impact of different surgical and postoperative adjuvant treatment modalities on survival of sinonasal malignant melanoma

Case no. Predominant sites Chief complaint(duration,m) Stage Therapeutic modalities Status/follow-up(m)
1 LNW Epistaxis(3) III Lateral rhinotomy Dead(9)
2 NP Epistaxis(2) IVa approach from palatum Dead(44)
3 OC Epistaxis(1) III Lateral rhinotomy + R Dead(29)
4 MS Epistaxis(2) IVa Caldwell-Luc Dead(1)
5 LNW Epistaxis(2) IVa Lateral rhinotomy + R Alive(144)
6 LNW Epistaxis(1) III Lateral rhinotomy + R Dead(18)
7 NC,MS Epistaxis(0.5) IVa Lateral rhinotomy + R Dead(10)
8 NC,MS,ES Nasal obstruction(4) III Lateral rhinotomy Alive(128)
9 LNW Epistaxis(4) III Lateral rhinotomy + R Dead(25)
10 LNW Epistaxis(4) III Lateral rhinotomy Dead(17)
11 MS,SB Epistaxis(12) IVb Lateral rhinotomy + R Alive(121)
12 NC,MS,ES,FS,SS,NP,PF Nasal obstruction(6) IVb Lateral rhinotomy Dead(21)
13 NS Epistaxis(3) III ESS + R Dead(49)
14 LNW Nasal obstruction(12) III Lateral rhinotomy Dead(15)
15 LNW Epistaxis(1) IVa Lateral rhinotomy + R Dead(12)
16 NC,MS Epistaxis(6) IVa Lateral rhinotomy Dead(6)
17 NC,ES,SS,O,SB Nasal obstruction(4) IVb Lateral rhinotomy + R + C Dead(50)
18 NC,ES Epistaxis(2) III Lateral rhinotomy + R Dead(10)
19 NC,ES Nasal obstruction(15) III Lateral rhinotomy + R Dead(43)
20 NC,MS,ES Nasal obstruction(1) IVa Lateral rhinotomy + R Dead(5)
21 LNW Nasal obstruction(5) III Lateral rhinotomy + R Alive(102)
22 LNW Nasal obstruction(3) III Lateral rhinotomy + R Dead(79)
23 NC Epistaxis(4) III Lateral rhinotomy Dead(24)
24 NC Epistaxis(5) III Lateral rhinotomy Dead(28)
25 NC,MS,SB Epistaxis(2) IVb Lateral rhinotomy + R + C Dead(59)
26 NC Nasal obstruction(6) III Lateral rhinotomy Dead(18)
27 LNW Epistaxis(0.5) III Lateral rhinotomy + R Alive(84)
28 MS,ES Nasal obstruction(6) IVa Lateral rhinotomy + R Dead(39)
29 NC Epistaxis(3) III Lateral rhinotomy + R + C Alive(81)
30 NC,ES,MS,O Epistaxis(6) IVa Lateral rhinotomy + R Dead(9)
31 NC,ES Nasal obstruction(6) IVa Lateral rhinotomy + R Dead(35)
32 LNW Epistaxis(2) III Lateral rhinotomy Dead(24)
33 LNW Nasal obstruction(3) IVa Lateral rhinotomy + R + C Dead(42)
34 NC,ES,MS,O Mass(3) IVa Lateral rhinotomy + R Dead(3)
35 NC Epistaxis(1) III ESS + R + C Alive(72)
36 LNW,ES Epistaxis(3) III Lateral rhinotomy + R Dead(5)
37 NC Nasal obstruction(4) III Lateral rhinotomy + R Alive(65)
38 NC Epistaxis(6) III ESS + R + C Alive(65)
39 LNW,MS Epistaxis(3) IVa ESS Dead(39)
40 NC,ES,MS Epistaxis(1.5) IVa Lateral rhinotomy + R + C Dead(3)
41 MS Epistaxis(36) III ESS + R + C Dead(18)
42 LNW,MS Epistaxis(15) IVa ESS + R + C Dead(32)
43 OC Epistaxis(4) III Lateral rhinotomy + R + C Dead(6)
44 NC Nasal obstruction(3) IVa Lateral rhinotomy + R Dead(24)
45 NC Nasal obstruction(1) III ESS + R + C Alive(60)
46 NS Epistaxis(0.5) III ESS Dead(15)
47 NC Nasal obstruction(1) IVa Lateral rhinotomy Dead(14)
48 NP Nasal obstruction(2) III ESS + R Alive(58)
49 MS,SB Nasal obstruction(2) IVb ESS Dead(30)
50 OC Epistaxis(0.5) III ESS Dead(24)
51 LNW Epistaxis(4) III ESS Dead(6)
52 NC,ES Nasal obstruction(4) IVa ESS + R + C Alive(44)
53 NC,MS Epistaxis(1) III ESS + R Dead(32)
54 NS Dryness in nasal cavity(12) III ESS Alive(40)
55 NC,ES,FS,SS Epistaxis(5) IVa ESS + R + C Dead(27)
56 NC Epistaxis(2) IVa Midfacial degloving + R + C Alive(38)
57 NC Epistaxis(6) IVa Lateral rhinotomy Dead(23)
58 NC Epistaxis(6) III ESS + R + C Dead(13)
59 NC Epistaxis(2) III ESS Dead(13)
60 LNW Epiphora(60) IVa ESS + R Alive(30)
61 LNW,ES Epistaxis(6) IVa ESS Dead(11)
62 NC Epistaxis(2) IVa ESS Dead(10)
63 NC Epistaxis(3) III ESS + R + C Alive(27)
64 NC Nasal obstruction(2) III ESS Dead(14)
65 NC,ES Epistaxis(1) IVa ESS Dead(8)
66 NC Nasal obstruction(1) IVa ESS + R + C Dead(27)
67 ES,MS,SS Nasal obstruction(2) IVa ESS Dead(22)
68 NC,MS Epistaxis(2) III ESS + R + C Dead(18)
69 LNW,MS Nasal obstruction(1) III ESS Dead(21)
  1. R radiotherapy, C chemotherapy, ESS endoscopic sinus surgery, m male, f female, LNW lateral nasal wall, NP nasopharynx, OS olfactory cleft, MS maxillary sinus, ES:ethmoid sinus, FS frontal sinus, SS sphenoid sinus, NC nasal cavity, PF pterygopalatine fossa, NS nasal septum, O orbit, SB skull base.