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Table 1 Response rate

From: Cancer awareness and socio-economic position: results from a population-based study in Denmark

Total number of persons approached


Number of ineligible persons


Number of persons who could not be contacted after seven attempts


Number of persons eligible and made contact to


Number of persons who refused or did not complete the interview


Completed interviews


  1. aIncomplete/unobtainable number (n = 1,328); wrong number (n = 326); business/fax number (n = 8); number barred (n = 2); and unable to speak or understand Danish (n = 33).
  2. bRefused to take part (before or after it was known whether or not it was the person eligible for study participation) (n = 4,736); stopped the interview (n = 154); the person eligible for study participation asked to be called back at a later date, but could not be contacted again (n = 141); the persons answering the phone did not want to speak to the interviewer (n = 92); another stated that the person eligible for the study was not available during data collection period (n = 31); and the person stated that he/she was not in the age group anyway (n = 15).