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Table 2 The relative expression of EMT genes in E-cadherin deficient MCF10A cells

From: E-cadherin loss alters cytoskeletal organization and adhesion in non-malignant breast cells but is insufficient to induce an epithelial-mesenchymal transition

Epithelial markers Mesenchymal markers EMT Transcription factors
Gene FC Adj. p value Gene FC Adj. p value Gene FC Adj. p value
KRT8 1.4 7.67E-04 CDH2 -2.2 2.37E-04 SNAI1 -2.5 1.38E-02
KRT9 2.5 2.89E-02 CDH11 1.4 3.11E-01 SNAI2 1.0 5.83E-01
KRT18 1.4 3.86E-04 VIM 1.1 6.12E-02 TWIST1 -1.1 3.58E-01
CLDN1 3.1 3.45E-05 FN1 -7.2 1.78E-04 TWIST2 -1.2 4.20E-01
OCLN 2.9 2.27E-05 VTN -1.3 6.07E-01 ZEB1 -1.7 1.23E-02
TJP3 1.9 4.69E-04 CTNNB1 1.0 4.20E-01 ZEB2 -7.3 5.02E-05
CGN 3.0 1.80E-04 ACTA2 1.0 9.12E-01 AKT2 -1.1 8.54E-02
DSP 1.0 9.87E-01 ITGA5 -1.2 8.75E-03 MMP1 5.8 1.45E-02
SDC1 1.6 3.11E-05 ITGAV -1.4 2.11E-02 MMP9 3.3 9.08E-04
  1. Genes with significant ≥2.0 fold gene expression changes are presented with inclusion of certain key genes. For other ECM genes with fold change <2.0, refer Additional file 5: Table S4. FC denotes the fold change relative to MCF10A wildtype expression.