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Table 2 Comparison of five ectopic TSH-omas

From: Ectopic TSH-secreting pituitary tumor: a case report and review of prior cases

Case number First Second Third Fourth Fifth
Reference 2 3 4 5 This report
Gender F M F F M
Age of onset (y) 45 34 - 34 40
Age of diagnosis 66 52 50 49 41
Location of tumor nasopharynx
Follow up no recurrence at 2 months recurrence at 10 months no recurrence at 4 months no recurrence at 3 months no recurrence at 48 months
IHC TSH(+) TSH(+) TSH(+) TSH(+) TSH(+)
GH(+) GH(-) GH(+) GH(+) GH(+)
PRL(+) PRL(-) PRL(-) PRL(+) PRL(-)
FSH(+) FSH(-) FSH(+) FSH(-) FSH(-)
LH(+) LH(-) LH(+) LH(-) LH(-)
Ultrastructure N/A N/A N/A consisted of monomorphous cells with secretory granules of small thyrotroph-like cells consisted of polymorphous cells with secretory granules
Octreotide inhibition test N/A N/A N/A yes yes
TRH stimulating test N/A N/A N/A N/A yes