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Figure 1

From: Evaluating the impact of public health initiatives on trends in fecal occult blood test participation in Ontario

Figure 1

Observed rates and segmented regression adjusted rates of fecal occult blood test (FOBT) participation per 1000, Ontario, 1994–2012. Observed rate = (FOBT completed per quarter/ population due for CRC screening per quarter)* 1000. Adjusted rate = (Exp (log rate-offset))*1000. Rates are connected by a binomial regression line. Dashed vertical lines indicate quarter when the following initiatives were enacted: RCT: Publication of the second and third randomized controlled trials in November 1996. CTFPHC: Publication of the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care guidelines for CRC screening in February 2001. Announcement of PCP financial incentives in July 2005. CCC Program launch, April 2008. CCC Program 2-year anniversary, April 2010. The regression model was expressed as: Log FOBT completed per quarter / population due for CRC screening per quarter = α + β 1 quarter + j = 1 5 β j INT quarter INT j + j = 1 5 β j INT * Timeafter quarter INTj * quarter INTj .

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