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Figure 1

From: The genetic basis for inactivation of Wnt pathway in human osteosarcoma

Figure 1

Genetic aberrations in human osteosarcoma samples. The x-axis numbered with 1–22 denotes chromosome numbers. The y-axis denotes log-ratio for every aCGH probe (scatter plot). The y-axis shows recurrence of gains (positive axis) and losses (negative axis) for each measured sequence aligned evenly in chromosomal order on the x-axis. Recurrence rates that exceed the threshold are color-coded to emphasize the locations of significantly recurrent aberrations. Red denotes significantly recurrent amplifications and green denotes significantly recurrent deletions. Gray represents nonsignificant recurrence of aberrations. A. Genetic aberrations of 20 osteosarcomas (GSE19180 and GSE9654). B. Genetic aberrations of 36 Norwegian osteosarcoma samples.

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