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Figure 8

From: The bacterial protein toxin, cytotoxic necrotizing factor 1 (CNF1) provides long-term survival in a murine glioma model

Figure 8

Increasing CNF1 doses produces a dramatic enhancement of survival in glioma-bearing mice. (A) Kaplan-Meier curves show that treating glioma-bearing mice with a higher concentration of CNF1 (80 nM) resulted in a very potent increase in mice survival. Indeed, 57% of mice injected with CNF1 80 nM were still alive 60 days after GL261 cells injection. Data for control animals are the same reported in Figure 7B. (B) Hoechst stained coronal section through the visual cortex of a tumor-bearing mouse treated with CNF1. The tumoral mass in the ventral part of the cortex does not affect the normal cortical layering. Scale bar = 500 μm.

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