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Figure 3

From: MicroRNA-26a regulates glucose metabolism by direct targeting PDHX in colorectal cancer cells

Figure 3

A negative correlation between the expression level of miR-26a and PDHX in HCT116 cells. The ectopic overexpression of miR-26a (A) induced a significant reduction of PDHX expression both in mRNA (B) and protein levels (C) in HCT116 cells. The empty plasmid pENTR-MIRNA was used as a control. While the expression of PDHX at both mRNA and protein levels (E, F) was increased in HCT116 cells along with an inhibition of miR-26a expression (D). The non-targeting oligonucleotide was used as a control. The untreated HCT116 cells were taken as the mock object. The mean values were calculated from three separate experiments. SEM: the standard error of the mean.

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