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Figure 6

From: Role of LPAR3, PKC and EGFR in LPA-induced cell migration in oral squamous carcinoma cells

Figure 6

Effects of siRNA down regulation of LPAR3. A:Downregulation of LPAR3 with siRNA leads to a concomitant upregulation of LPAR1 and 2. Cell cultures were treated with 60 nM siLPAR3 or non-silencing pool with transfection reagent (NS) for 72 h before harvest. qRT-PCR data demonstrate a downregulation of LPAR3 compared to NS. LPAR1 and LPAR2 were upregulated at the same time. B: Cell migration in siLPAR3-treated cells. Cells seeded to confluence as in the other migration experiments. Transfecction reagents were added right after seeding, and cells were incubated for 72 h before the scratch was made. The cells were then treated with LPA and/ or Ki or LPAR2-agonist LP-105 the same ways as described for the other experiments.

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