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Figure 2

From: Role of LPAR3, PKC and EGFR in LPA-induced cell migration in oral squamous carcinoma cells

Figure 2

LPA receptors present in oral carcinoma cell lines. mRNA and protein levels were detected in lysates from subconfluent, unstimulated cells. A: qRT-PCR shows that mRNA encoding LPAR1-6 was present in unstimulated E10 and SCC-9 cells. n = 4. Bars represent mean ± SEM. B: Western blots show LPAR1 (at 41 kDa), LPAR2 (at 39 kDa) and LPAR3 (at 40 kDa) protein in unstimulated E10 and SCC-9 cells. n = 3. Due to a very weak LPAR2 band in the SCC-9 cells, the same blot is shown twice with normal and increased exposure for visualisation.

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